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4.    In vitro anthelminthic activity of alcoholic extract of Allivum Sativum against rumen amphistome - G. R. Ghangale, Tushar Mahale and N. D. Jadhav

Veterinary World 2(10):385-386


The present investigation was undertaken to evaluate effect of alcoholic extract of allivum sativum for anthelminthic activity Invitro against rumen amphistome. Mature and healthy worms randomly collected from rumen papillae of freshly slaughtered buffaloes from deonar abattor in normal physiological solution (tyrode solution), having temp (37 0C).The study was conducted at four different dilutions of extracts viz. 5,15,50,75 mg/ml prepared in tyrode solution. Albendazole 5 mg/ml and tyrode solution serves as positive control and negative control respectively. Each of the concentration selected was taken in total volume of 20 ml tyrode solution in a separate clean petridish. Ten vigorously motile worms irrespective of their sex were placed in each petridish and observation were made after every 15 min. for cessation of motility by pinch method  mortality was assessed by slightly warming the petridish and observing the movements. The time taken for cessation of motility in alcoholic extract was 3 hour, 1hour, 10min., and instant at 5,15,50,75 mg/ml concentration respectively. Mortality was observed at 4hr, 1.5 hr, 15 min. and instantly respectively in test groups. Time taken for 100% mortality was 6 hour by standard drug.So it was concluded that alcoholic extract of Allivum Sativum is having good activity against worms’ motility Invitro.
Keywords: Anthelmintic, Allivum Sativum, Parasite, Rumen, Alcohol.