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5.    Study of histopathological changes in thyroid gland in buffaloes - V. M. shelke, V.P. Pathak, D. K. Bedre, J. M. Patil and C. S. Mote

Veterinary World 2(10):387-389


Present Study is observation of Histopathological changes of Thyroid Gland In Buffaloes. Tissue samples i.e.thyroid glands were collected from the 300 buffaloes slaughtered at Municipal Slaughter House, Balapur Akola. Thyroid glands were cut in to small pieces for further histopathological processing. They were dehydrated in ascending (50%, 70, 95, 100%) order of alcohol, cleared in xylene and embedded in paraffin and sections of 4-6 micro diameter were obtained and stained with haematoxylin and eosin stain. The animals slaughtered were certified as non-productive. During present study mean, standard deviation and standard error were calculated as per the standard procedure. Microscopically 76.96% glands were normal, incidence of colloid goitre was recorded in 11.72% thyroid, parenchymatous goitre in 1.89% thyroid, increased interfollicular spaces and fibrotic condition in 9.66% glands. Haemorrhages and congestion was observed in 2.75% thyroid glands. Conclusion of this study is colloid goitre due to distention and enlargement of number of follicles, congestion in the thyroid gland occurs as the part of more general syndrome and Interfollicular hemorrhages occurs due to distribution of RBCs, escaped from blood vessels.
Keywords: Thyroid gland, Goiter, Histopathology