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7.    Studies on incidence, histopathological features and surgical management of neoplasms in canine - Neelu Gupta and S. K. Tiwari

Veterinary World 2(10):393-395


Histopathological examination of 118 cases of spontaneously occurring canine neoplasms was conducted in the study and 109 (91.52%) were diagnosed to be neoplasm. Out of 109 tumours , histopathologically were benign tumour 52 (47.70%) and 57 ( 52.29%) were malignant neoplasm The benign tumours diagnosed were fibroma (22.01%), Leiomyoma (3.84%), Lipoma (2.88%), Papilloma (7.33%), Adenoma (9.17%) and Fibroadenoma (2.75%) where as the malignant tumours encountered were Squemous cell carcinoma (11.52%), Basal Cell Carcinoma (5.50%), Mixed Tumour(0.96%), Rhabdolymphosarcoma (2.88%), Veneral Granuloma (13.76%), Lymphosarcoma (5.76%), Fibrosarcoma (9.60%) and Adenocarinoma (3.67%). The tumours were recorded ranging in age group from 6 month to 12 years of age. The percentage of malignant tumour(52.29%) was higher than benign tumour (47.71%).
Keywords: Neoplasm, Canine, Incidence, Histopathology, Surgical Management.