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9.    Evaluation of serum profile during various stages of gestation in crossbred deoni cows - Mahesh S. Dodamani, Khaja Mohteshamuddin, S.D. Awati, M.K. Tandle and S.S. Honnappagol

Veterinary World 2(10):398-399


The research was conducted on 36 (Deoni and Deoni X H.F.) cross-bred cows between 2nd to 5th lactation. Cows were divided as early, mid and late gestation period comprising 12 cows in each group. Results of the present study indicated that there is no variation in serum Ca, Mg, Na and K level but serum P level declines significantly from early to late gestation, where as serum Cl level decreases from early to mid gestation and again increases from mid to late gestation.
Keywords: Gestation, serum, minerals