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2. Incidence of gasrointestinal helminthiasis in captive deers at Nagpur - A. T. Borghare, V. P. Bagde, A. D. Jaulkar, D. D. Katre, P. D. Jumde, D. K. Maske and G. N. Bhangale
Veterinary World 2(9):337-338

Out of 60 Samples of deer from Maharajbag Zoo, Nagpur, 30 were positive for eggs and larvae of helminthic  parasites. The encountered parasitic species were Haemonchus spp., Dicrocoelium spp., Paramphistomum 

spp., Oesophagostomum spp. and Bunostomum spp. etc. Direct smear method together with sedimentation technique were used for the purpose.

Keywords: Captive, Deer, Gastro-intestinal, Helminth.