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3.    Role of radiological examination in diagnosis of foreign body in bovines - K.S. Chaudhari, M.G. Thorat, G.U. Yadav, J.B. Mulani, A.A. Suryawanshi and S.S. Ingale

Veterinary World 2(9):339


Radiographs of 338 clinical cases of cattle and buffalo reported to Teaching Veterinary Clinical Services Complex, Veterinary College, Udgir (M.S.) were studied for recording the incidences of various affections in bovine. All these cases were having the history of tympani (acute/chronic/recurrent). All animals were subjected to lateral plane radiography of reticulo- thoracic region. Out of these cases 27.81% of the cases were interpreted as a foreign body syndrome, of which 21.59% were potential and 6.21% were non-potential foreign bodies. 4.44% of cases showed presence of foreign body in the thoracic region. The incidence of diaphragmatic hernia was recorded in 6.50% of the animals. Further, lung abscess was recorded in 2.94% of the cases.

Keywords: Radiology, Diagnosis, Bovine, Foreign body syndrome.