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5.   Incidence of gastrointestinal parasitism of captive wild pigeons at Nagpur - A. T. Borghare, V. P. Bagde, A. D. Jaulkar, D. D. Katre, P. D. Jumde, D. K. Maske and G. N. Bhangale
Veterinary World 2(9):343


Present study was planned to investigate the helminthic infection in captive wild pigeons (Columba livia) at Maharajbagh Zoo Nagpur. All the 30 samples examined were found positive either with single or mixed helminthic infections. The result showed that the incidence of Capillaria sp, Ascaridia sp and  Hetarakis 

sp. were 56.66%, 76.66%, 16.66% respectively. Mixed parasitic infection was recorded in around 17 samples with either Ascaridia sp. and Capillaria sp or with Ascaridia sp. and Heterakis sp. One of 30 samples examined were found with the cysts of Balantidium coli.

Keywords: Captive, Wild Pigeon, Zoo, Helminth, Incidence.