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1.    Preparation and evaluation of veterinary 20% injectable solution of tylosin - Fouad K. Mohammad, Muzahim Y. Al-Attar, Faris T. Abachi , Ashraf S. Alias, Thiab A. Al-Sawah and Talib A. Al-Talib
Vet World. 2010; 3(1): 5-7

A veterinary injectable aqueous solution of the antibiotic tylosin at a concentration of 20% was prepared under aseptic conditions in dark glass bottles each containing 100 ml. The preparation was intended for animal use only. It contained 200 g tylosin tartrate, 500 ml propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol 40 ml as a preservative and water for injection up to 1000 ml. The preparation was clear yellow viscous aqueous solution free from undesired particles. The preparation complied with the requirements for injectable solutions. It was active  in vitro against E. coli (JM83). The preparation of 20%tylosin solution was safe under field conditions in treating  sheep and cattle suffering from pneumonia at the dose rate of 1 ml/20 kg body weight, intramuscularly/ day for 3 successive days. In conclusion, we presented the know-how of a veterinary formulation of injectable solution of 20% tylosin for clinical use in ruminants.

Key words: Tylosin, Veterinary preparation, Pneumonia, Injectable solution.