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10.  Influence of kitchen/food waste on growth performance of grower piglets - P. Saikia and R. Bhar
Vet World. 2010; 3(1): 34-36


Crossbred (Landrace x Desi) pigs (24) were randomly distributed into 2 dietary treatments (T1 and T2 diets) each having 12 pigs of 6 castrated male and 6 females. The pigs were fed on ad libitum control diet in T1 and ad libitum FW in T2 collected from student’s hostel and air force mess. During the feeding trial, the CP and EE %of food wastes was found to be higher in food waste (FW) than standard ration (SR). However, CF was less in FW. The DMI (g/d) was significantly lower in pigs fed on food waste based diets. However, ADG was significantly (P<0.05) higher in T2, which in turn increasing feed conversion efficiency of pigs in T2. Feed cost per kg live weight gain was also lower (P<0.05) in T2 compared to T1. Thus, it can be concluded that nutritive value of food waste based diets was much higher than the concentrate mixture based diets. Piglets grew more in FW based diets and could be utilized as an alternate economic feed for pigs without any negative effects.

Keywords: Food waste, Growth, Pigs.