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6.    Mortality pattern in captive wild carnivores in Maharashtra state - Y.A. Kinge, D B Sarode and N P Dakshinkar 
Vet World. 2010; 3(1): 23-25

A total of 244 deaths were recorded in seven different species of captive wild carnivores which reveal highest mortality in lion 92 (37.70 %) followed by 60 (24.59 %) in tiger and leopard respectively. Lowest mortality was recorded in rest of felines. Similarly region wise and season wise mortality summarized. Disease symptom wise mortality pattern revealed involvement of respiratory affection in 56 (22.95 %) followed by digestive 46 (18.85 %) miscellaneous 40 (16.39 %) and generalized conditions 39 (15.98 %). The causes of death attributed to specific diseases in carnivores 13 (5.31 %) showedtrypanosomiasis, hookworm in tiger, trypanosomiasis in jungle cat, fox and pasteurellosis in lion and leopard.  From study it is concluded that pattern of mortality in carnivores is serious concerned in captive wildlife conservation and these losses due to mortality can be controlled to considerable extent by taking appropriate measures (Veterinary aid ) well in time. 

Keywords: Captive Wild Animals, Carnivores, Mortality