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8.    Efficacy of Pcroriza kurrooa benth in experimentally induced Hepato-toxicity in cross-bred calves - V. R. Talmale, P. R. More, B. C. Ghumare, S. B. Shendre and S. N. Nirgulkar
Vet World. 2010; 3(1): 29-31

Alcoholic extract of roots of picrorhiza kurrooa Benth was screened for its photochemical & hepato protective activity by metabolic (biochemical) profile for hepato-protective activity by invasive blood sampling in calves. The mean extractability percentage obtained was 40.5. Phyto-chemical study revealed that the presence of reducing sugar, glycosides & saponins. The level of SGOT (AST), SGPT (ALT), alkaline phosphates, bilirubin increased significantly while the level of protein, albumin, globulin and glucose decreased significantly and moderate but not significant increase in cholesterol level in serum in calves treated with CC14 (thrice a week for two weeks,  intra ruminally) were observed. The bio-chemical alterations might be due to damage of liver cells and impairment in its functions. The animals treated with alcoholic extract 10 & 15 mg/kg Body wt.  For 14 days by oral route afforded a significant protection against biochemical alterations induced by carbon tetrachloride. Thus the efficient protection of calves to varying degree, by the alcoholic extract of Picrorhiza kurrooa Benth given with carbon tetrachloride was observed from the clinical & biochemical investigations.

Keywords: Hepato-toxicity, Alchoholic Extract, Biochemical.