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6.    Comparative efficacy of supplementation of phytoconcentrate herbal preparation and synthetic amino acid on broiler performance - A. B. Kanduri, N. Z. Gaikwad, V. K. Mugale, Shivi Maini, K. Ravikanth
Vet World. 2011; 4(9): 413-416


doi: 10.5455/vetworld.2011.413-416

In view to study the role of herbal sources of essential amino acids in improving growth & performance, an experiment was conducted on seventy five day Vencob broiler chicks. Chicks were randomly divided into three groups (n=25), one negative control (T0 ) and two treatments (T1 & T2 ). Control group (T0 ) was offered basal diet deficient in natural or synthetic source of amino acids (choline, methionine, lysine & biotin). Treatment group T1 was fed with basal diet supplemented with polyherbal formulation comprising natural sources (herbs) that mimic the activity of amino acids (choline, methionine, lysine & biotin) @ 2Kg/tonne of feed while treatment group T2 was fed with basal diet supplemented with combination of synthetic choline chloride (600gm/tonne), synthetic methionine (1kg/tonne), synthetic lysine (1kg/tonne) and biotin (150mg/tonne). Growth & performance parameters were recorded at weekly intervals and a metabolic trial for nutrient retention studies was conducted at the end of study. A significant increase in mean body weight gain, mean final body weight, feed efficiency & nutrient retention was observed in both the treated groups as compared to untreated control. The results of group T1 supplemented with herbal sources of amino acids were in confirmation with T2 supplemented with combination of synthetic amino acids suggesting that the polyherbal formula can successfully replace synthetic additives in feed.

Keywords: amino acid, broiler, growth, herbal, nutrient, performance