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10. Molecular charecterization of avian adeno virus causing inclusion body hepatitis-hydropericardium syndrome in broiler chickens of Anand, Gujarat, India - K B Thakor, C J Dave, K S Prajapati, D T Fefar and B M Jivani 
Vet World. 2012; 5(3): 178-182

Avian Adenovirus was isolated from naturally infected broiler chickens. Two Liversample were collected in glycerol saline from the birds came from Aman and Jankipoutry farm for the postmortem in the Dept. of pathology,Veterinary college,Anand(Gujarat). Extraction of viral DNA from infected liver tissues was done as per the method of Meuleman et al., (2001) with minor modifications. The amplified PCR analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis indicated DNA fragments of approximately 890 bp as expected by primer HexonA F & HexonB R. PCR assay revealed presence of IBH-HPS virus in both samples. Obtained PCR product of both sample were subjected to DNA sequencing and obtained sequencing was compared with other matched sequince. On phylogenetic analysis using Clustal W program showed 3 major group like upper, middle and lower respectively. In the minor branch of upper group the AMAN and JANKI isolates were found to group with Fowl adenovirus 12 strain 380 and Fowl adenovirus 11 strain C2B, so AMAN and JANKI isolates indicating a new fowl adenovirus genotype.

Keywords: Hydropericardium syndrome, Avian Adenovirus, Polymerase Chain Reaction