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9. Liposome-mediated uptake of exogenous DNA by Sahiwal cattle spermatozoa - Thomas V. Babu, M. D. Pratheesh, N. Anandlaxmi , K. Amarnath
Vet World. 2012; 5(10): 621-627

Aim: To investigate the influence of lipofection treatment and exogenous DNA uptake on the quality of sahiwal cattle spermatozoa.

Materials and Methods: Semen collected from sahiwal bulls (n=7) were evaluated separately for color, volume, mass activity, concentration, motility and viability using standard procedures. Pooled sperm samples from selected bulls (n=3) were transfected with a model gene construct enhanced green fluorescent protein (p-EGFP) via lipofection method and confirmed the genome integration by PCR technique. Furthermore the effect of transfection on spermatozoa was assessed based on apotosis, viability and motility.

Results: In the current investigation sahiwal bulls were selected based on their breeding records and better semen characteristics. Although the transfected sperm samples failed to show florescence under fluorescence microscope, PCR studies confirmed the successful uptake of the p-EGFP gene in to the host sperm cell genome. Moreover transfected samples showed a significant reduction in the viability and motility without causing any DNA damage induced apoptosis as demonstrated by DNA Ladder assay.

Keywords: EGFP, lipofection, Sahiwal cattle, spermatozoa, transfection