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Case Report

14. Fetal dystocia due to dorso-pubic position and postural defects in a Jenny: A case report - P. M. Chauhan, S. H. Sindhi and K. B. Thakor
Vet World. 2013; 6(2): 116-117

Dystocia in Jenny is a very rare and occur occasionally, about 1 to 4 % of foaling. A present case of fetal dystocia in seven year old jenny has been reported due to dorso-pubic position and malpostures (includes left shoulder flexion and flexed neck). Fetus was corrected in normal position and posture through application of mutational operation and removeed dead male fetus through vagina after applying the proper traction. Then, she was treated with fluid therapy, antibiotic, analgesic, tetanus toxoid, nutrients etc. and discharged from the veterinary dispensary with advising the owner for post-operative care and management for further few days. Keywords: Dorso-pubic position, Dystocia, Jenny, postural abnormalities