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Case Report
13.  Outbreak of brucellosis in buffaloes aborted in village Mahuan, district Mainpuri, U.P., India- A case report - Udit Jain, Basanti Bisht, Sahzad, Pragati and Kuldeep Dwivedi
Vet World. 2013; 6(1): 51-52

Aim: Outbreak of bovine brucellosis in buffaloes aborted in a village Mahuan of District Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh is described.

Materials and Methods: A total of 15 serum samples were collected from a aborted buffaloes. All the sera samples were tested by serological tests, Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT) and Standard Tube Agglutination Test (STAT).

Results: Clinical history of the condition complimented with detailed examination of the affected animals revealed that 50% (15/30) buffaloes were aborted between 6-9.5 months of pregnancy. The main clinical signs presented were fever, discharge from vagina and retention of placenta. There was no response of treatment on buffaloes. The antibodies against B. abortus were detected in 7(46.6%) sera samples by RBPT and in 5(33.3%) by STAT.

Conclusion: The buffaloes involved and the severity of abortions, that necessitated veterinary intervention, it would be necessary to asses the prevalence and economic importance of the disease in rural herds of Uttar Pradesh.

Keywords: brucellosis, buffaloes, Mainpuri district, outbreak, RBPT, STAT