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Research (Published online : 18-04-2013)

9. Physical and morphological characteristics of Kankrej bull semen - Bharatkumar R. Patel and G. M. Siddiquee
Vet World. 2013; 6(7): 405-408


Aim: Present investigation was carried out to study the physical characteristics of Kankrej bulls semen by evaluation of various semen parameters from neat semen and at various stages of semen preservation.

Materials and Methods: A total of 60 ejaculates, 10 each from 6 mature Kankrej bulls, once in a week for 10 weeks, were collected and analyzed for various semen attributes.

Result: The mean values for different seminal attributes were: ejaculate volume 4.84 + 0.01 ml, pH 6.88 + 0.01, mass motility 3.72 + 0.02, sperm concentration 1253.83 + 14.68 million / ml, individual motility 86.15 + 0.30 per cent, live sperm count 90.58 + 0.20 per cent, abnormal sperm count 4.24 + 0.03 per cent and acrosomal integrity 81.17 + 0.11 per cent. The colour of the Kankrej bull semen under the investigation was creamy white. Mean values of ejaculate volume, sperm concentration, live sperm count and acrosomal integrity of semen differed significantly (P < 0.05) among the bulls under investigation. The ejaculate volume was positively correlated with mass motility (+ 0.392) and sperm concentration (+ 0.385) and inversely proportional to the mass motility whereas mass motility positively correlated with volume (+0.392), individual sperm motility (+0.329) and live sperm count (+0.527).

Conclusion: It can be concluded that the volume, pH, mass motility and sperm concentration of Kankrej bull semen were well comparable with other breeds of Indian cattle, however higher individual motility, live sperm count, acrosomal integrity and lower abnormal sperm count were recorded in the Kankrej bull semen.

Keywords: Kankrej bull, physical characteristics, semen, spermatozoal morphology