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Case Report (Published online : 29-03-2013)

19. Ectopic spleen in the pancreas of New Zealand White rabbits - Arabinda Adak, M. C. Prasad, P. S. Lonkar, U. M. Kapurkar, M. G. Brahmankar and M. V. Patel
Vet World. 2013; 6(6): 360-362

Five cases (male-2, female-3) of ectopic splenic tissue in the pancreas of New Zealand White rabbits were recorded out of 144 rabbits aged between 16-25 weeks. The histomorphology of the ectopic splenic tissue compared well with normal spleen. The pancreatic parenchyma bearing ectopic splenic tissue did not exhibit any change or abnormality of pathological significance except less number of islets of Langerhans in comparison to other areas. The present cases were considered to be rare incidental finding and congenital in origin.

Keywords: ectopic spleen, histomorphology, New Zealand White rabbit, pancreas