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Case Report (Published online : 06-01-2013)

11. A postmortem experience of Indian rock python (Python molurus molurus) that swallowed a whole barking deer - Bhajan Chandra Das, Dibyendu Biswas, Mohammed Forhad Hossain, Shubhagata Das, Amam Zonaed Siddiki and Abdul Mannan
Vet World. 2013; 6(3): 163-165

The object of this study was to report a post mortem findings of a female Indian Rock Python with a length of 406 cm (13.32 feet) and approximate weight of 60 kg (including a whole deer that was swallowed by the python), that was brought to the Teaching Veterinary Hospital, Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU) by the Forest Department of Kumira Range Office, Chittagong. The local inhabitants accidently found the python at the forest area of Kumira and they frightenedly injured and killed the snake eventually. The postmortem (PM) examination was performed according to standard protocols. Gross examination revealed bloody discharge was come out through mouth and a couple of skin lacerations observed on the right dorso-lateral part of the abdominal region. The whole barrel-shaped body cavity was opened and whole deer (partially decomposed) was recovered from the stomach. Furthermore, three fractured ribs were found on right thorax. The PM examination team believes that the possible cause of python death was traumatic injury inflicted by the local people.

Keywords: barking deer, nematode, rock python