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Original Research (Published online : 27-12-2012)

9. Studies on certain quality attributes of meat pickle prepared from spent chicken -Ankur Das, Dilip Ranjan Nath, Mineswar Hazarika and Saurabh Kumar Laskar
Vet World. 2013; 6(3): 156-158

Aim: An attempt was made to develop a desirable meat pickle from the less tender and low demand spent chicken meat with the prime objective of its better marketability and wider acceptability amongst the non-vegetarian masses.

Materials and Methods: Lean of culled spent meat was marinated for overnight and then pressure cooked and fried with spices and condiments to prepare a shelf stable meat pickle. Proximate composition, pH, TBA Values, Total viable plate count, Counts for yeast and moulds and sensory quality of the pickles were studied as per standard procedure.

Results: The mean per cent moisture, crude protein, ether extract and total ash contents were 61.890.12, 17.280.56, 14.650.16 and 3.350.17 respectively. The product pH and the yeast and mould counts though did not differ significantly amongst the storage periods, yet there were significant differences (p<0.01) in TBA and total viable plate count amongst the storage periods. Organoleptic studies with score card method recorded a progressive decrease in the mean panel scores along with the increased storage periods. Conclusion: The spent chicken meat pickle was found to be acceptable for consumption up-to 90 days of storage at room temperature.

Keywords: spent chicken, pickle, quality attributes