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Research (Published online: 11-04-2014)

8. Investigation of haemoglobin polymorphism in Ogaden cattle - Sanjoy Kumar Pal and Yesihak Yusuf Mummed
Veterinary World, 7(4): 229-233



   doi: 10.14202/vetworld.2014.229-233


Sanjoy Kumar Pal: School of Animal & Range Sciences, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Haramaya University, Post Box 138, Ethiopia.
Yesihak Yusuf Mummed: Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences, University of Pretoria, Private bag X20, Hatfield, Pretoria 0028, South Africa

Received: 23-10-2013, Revised: 04-03-2014, Accepted: 12-03-2014, Published online: 11-04-2014

Corresponding author: Sanjoy Kumar Pal, email:


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