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Research (Published online: 24-07-2014)

14. Seasonal prevalence of different species of Culicoides in Bangalore rural and urban districts of South India - M. Archana, Placid E. D'Souza, C. Renuka Prasad and S. M. Byregowda
Veterinary World, 7(7): 517-521



   doi: 10.14202/vetworld.2014.517-521


M. Archana:
Department of Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary College, Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Hebbal, Bangalore -560024, Karnataka, India;

Placid E. D'Souza: Department of Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary College, Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Hebbal, Bangalore -560024, Karnataka, India;

C. Renuka Prasad: Vice Chancellor, Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Science University, Nandinagar, Bidar - 585401, Karnataka, India;

S. M. Byregowda: Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals, Hebbal, Bangalore - 560024, Karnataka, India;

Received: 15-04-2014, Revised: 12-06-2014, Accepted: 16-06-2014, Published online: 24-07-2014


Corresponding author: M. Archana,

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