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Research (Published online: 11-06-2014)

6. Evaluation of immunochromatographic assay for serodiagnosis of bovine brucellosis in Gezira State, Sudan - A. M. El-Eragi, Manal H. Salih, Mihad F. E. M. Alawad and K. B. Mohammed

Veterinary World, 7(6): 395-397



   doi: 10.14202/vetworld.2014.395-397



A. M. El-Eragi: Department of Pathology and Diagnosis, Veterinary Research Institute. P. O. Box 8067 (ALAmart), Khartoum, Sudan;

Manal H. Salih: Department of Pathology and Diagnosis, Veterinary Research Institute. P. O. Box 8067 (ALAmart), Khartoum, Sudan;

Mihad F. E. M. Alawad: Department of Brucella, Veterinary Research Institute. P. O. Box 8067 (ALAmart), Khartoum, Sudan;

K. B. Mohammed: Department of Pathology and Diagnosis, Veterinary Research Institute. P. O. Box 8067 (ALAmart), Khartoum, Sudan;

Received: 15-02-2014, Revised: 02-05-2014, Accepted: 08-05-2014, Published online: 11-06-2014


Corresponding author: K. B. Mohammed, email:

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