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8. Effects of ketamine-xylazine and propofol-halothane anesthetic protocols on blood gases and some anesthetic parameters in dogs - L. M. Alkattan and M. M. Helal
Vet World. 2013; 6(2): 95-99

Aim: The anesthetic effects and side effects of ketamine–xylazine and propofol–halothane at four different anesthetics protocol were examined in twenty healthy dogs.

Methods: Four treatments were conducted using five dogs in each. The first group was treated with ketamine at 15 mg/kg intramuscularly and xylazine at 5 mg/kg. The second group was treated with ketamine–xylazine same as first group, but the dogs were underwent pneumoperitoneum with CO2. The third group was anesthetized with propofol at 2 mg/kg intravenously with inhalational halothane as maintenance anesthesia. The fourth group was treated as same as the third group but underwent pneumoperitoneum with CO2 . The behavioral changes, onset of action, induction time, the duration of surgical anesthesia, reflexes, and recovery period, blood gas changes (pH, paO2 and paCO2) were recorded pre treatment and 10 and 30 minutes period after treatment.

Results: The results showed differences in the quality of anesthesia among the four groups. The onset of anesthesia was the shortest in the third group (0.880.13 min). There were no significant changes in pH and paCO2 determined in all the groups. No adverse reactions or complications were encountered during the anesthesia. The paO2 significantly increased 10 and 30 min after anesthesia in all group in comparison with respective pretreatment value.

Conclusion: The anesthetic protocol of propofol as induction agent with halothane as maintenance anesthesia induced a good quality anesthesia with a short duration of action and rapid smooth recovery without complications during CO2 insufflations in dogs.

Keywords: dog, halothane, ketamine, pneumoperitoneum, propofol