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Original Research (Published online : 13-03-2013)

11. Influence of age, sex and season on morbidity and mortality pattern in goats under village conditions of Madhya Pradesh - Amit Kumar Dohare, B. Singh, Yogesh Bangar, Shiv Prasad, Dinesh Kumar and Girraj Shakya
Vet World. 2013; 6(6): 329-331

Aim: To study factors affecting morbidity and mortality pattern in goats in Chambal division of Madhya Pradesh under village conditions.

Materials and Methods: The sampling scheme adopted during study was stratified three stage random sampling and data on 549 goats were recorded.

Results: The overall morbidity and mortality rate was 20.58% and 10.20% respectively. Proportional mortality due to diarrhoea was highest (35.71%) followed by pneumonia (28.57%) and miscellaneous causes (12.5%). Pattern of morbidity in male and female was almost similar. Age of goats was the most important factor and accounted for 39.29%, 28.57% and 32.14% mortality in 0-3 month, 6-9 month and above 9 months, respectively. The effect of season on goat mortality was significant (p<0.05).The incidence of mortality were 41.07%, 37.5% and 21.43% in winter, rainy and summer season respectively.

Conclusion: In goats mortality was significantly influenced by age groups and suggesting that more care and attention need to be paid in kids 0-3 months age irrespective of season. Mortality due to various diseases in kids and adults could be minimized by identifying the cause and giving proper treatment.

Key words: goat, morbidity, mortality, village conditions