May 2018, Vol.11 No.5
Review (Published online: 02-05-2018)
1. Milk somatic cells, factors influencing their release, future prospects, and practical utility in dairy animals: An overview
Mohanned Naif Alhussien and Ajay Kumar Dang
Veterinary World, 11(5): 562-577

Research (Published online: 04-05-2018)
2. Epidemiology and diagnosis of feline panleukopenia virus in Egypt: Clinical and molecular diagnosis in cats
Romane A. Awad, Wagdy K. B. Khalil and Ashraf G. Attallah
Veterinary World, 11(5): 578-584

Research (Published online: 06-05-2018)
3. Prevalence of Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts in dogs in Lusaka district of Zambia
Lamson Mugala, Joyce Siwila, Ngonda Saasa and Girja Shanker Pandey
Veterinary World, 11(5): 585-589

Research (Published online: 09-05-2018)
4. Effect of the essential oil of Rosmarinus officinalis (L.) on rooster sperm motility during 4°C short-term storage
L. Touazi, B. Aberkane, Y. Bellik, N. Moula and M. Iguer-Ouada
Veterinary World, 11(5): 590-597

Research (Published online: 10-05-2018)
5. A retrospective study of bovine tuberculosis at the municipal abattoir of Bauchi State, Northeastern Nigeria
Saleh Mohammed Jajere, Naphtali Nayamanda Atsanda, Asinamai Athliamai Bitrus, Tasiu Mallam Hamisu and Mohammed Dauda Goni
Veterinary World, 11(5): 598-605

Research (Published online: 11-05-2018)
6. Estimation of deltamethrin residues in cow's and goat's environment and trials to reduce its level in milk
Halla E. K. El Bahgy, Hend A. Elbarbary and Samar S. Ibrahim
Veterinary World, 11(5): 606-611

Research (Published online: 13-05-2018)
7. Assessment of the peste des petits ruminants world epizootic situation and estimate its spreading to Russia
Fayssal Bouchemla, Valerey Alexandrovich Agoltsov, Olga Mikhailovna Popova and Larisa Pavlovna Padilo
Veterinary World, 11(5): 612-619

Research (Published online: 14-05-2018)
8. Evaluation of wet cupping therapy on the arterial and venous blood parameters in healthy Arabian horses
Turke Shawaf, Wael El-Deeb, Jamal Hussen, Mahmoud Hendi and Shahab Al-Bulushi
Veterinary World, 11(5): 620-626

Review (Published online: 15-05-2018)
9. The crucial roles of inflammatory mediators in inflammation: A review
L. A. Abdulkhaleq, M. A. Assi, Rasedee Abdullah, M. Zamri-Saad, Y. H. Taufiq-Yap, and M. N. M. Hezmee
Veterinary World, 11(5): 627-635

Research (Published online: 17-05-2018)
10. Isolation and identification of Mannheimia haemolytica by culture and polymerase chain reaction from sheep's pulmonary samples in Shiraz, Iran
Mohammad Tabatabaei and Fatemeh Abdollahi
Veterinary World, 11(5): 636-641

Research (Published online: 18-05-2018)
11. Exploring factors associated with bulk tank milk urea nitrogen in Central Thailand
Suppada Kananub, Wassana Jawjaroensri, John VanLeeuwen, Henrik Stryhn and Pipat Arunvipas
Veterinary World, 11(5): 642-648

Research (Published online: 19-05-2018)
12. Effects of intratesticular injection of zinc-based solution in rats in combination with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs during chemical sterilization
Simone Regina Barros de Macedo, Luiz Andre Rodrigues de Lima, Sandra Maria de Torres, Vinicius Vasconcelos Gomes de Oliveira, Rosana Nogueira de Morais, Christina Alves Peixoto, Bruno Mendes Tenorio and Valdemiro Amaro da Silva Junior
Veterinary World, 11(5): 649-656

Research (Published online: 20-05-2018)
13. Molecular characterization of hemagglutinin-neuraminidase fragment gene of Newcastle disease virus isolated from periodically-vaccinated farms
Lucia S. Triosanti, Michael Haryadi Wibowo and Rini Widayanti
Veterinary World, 11(5): 657-666

Research (Published online: 21-05-2018)
14. Evaluation of hepatocyte-derived microRNA-122 for diagnosis of acute and chronic hepatitis of dogs
S. R. Eman, A. A. Kubesy, T. A. Baraka, F. A. Torad, I. S. Shaymaa and Faten F. Mohammed
Veterinary World, 11(5): 667-673

Research (Published online: 22-05-2018)
15. Use of goat interleukin-6, cortisol, and some biomarkers to evaluate clinical suitability of two routes of ascorbic acid administration in transportation stress
K. T. Biobaku, T. O. Omobowale, Ahmed O. Akeem, A. Aremu, N. Okwelum and A. S. Adah
Veterinary World, 11(5): 674-680

Review (Published online: 23-05-2018)
16. Cryptosporidiosis: A zoonotic disease concern
Natapol Pumipuntu and Supawadee Piratae
Veterinary World, 11(5): 681-686

Research (Published online: 24-05-2018)
17. Improvising livestock service in hilly regions through indigenous wisdom towards control of tick infestation: Institutional relationships
Khumaji Badaji Kataviya, Bharat Parmar, Ramesh Patel, Pranab Jyoti Das, Vivek Kumar, Amit Mahajan, Ravinder Singh, Devesh Thakur, Amol Kinhekar, R. K. Ravikumar and Vipin Kumar
Veterinary World, 11(5): 687-692

Research (Published online: 25-05-2018)
18. Reproductive performances of the Borgou cow inseminated on natural or induced estrus with semen from Gir and Girolando at the Okpara Breeding Farm
Foukpe Zhairath Adambi Boukari, Ibrahim Traore Alkoiret, Soumanou Seibou Toleba, Athanase Ahissou, Fataou Zacharie Toure, Aliyassou Mama Yacoubou, Gabriel Assouan Bonou, Ignace Ogoudanan Dotche, Victoire Akpaki and Issaka Youssao Abdou Karim
Veterinary World, 11(5): 693-699

Research (Published online: 26-05-2018)
19. Detection of species and molecular typing of Leishmania in suspected patients by targeting cytochrome b gene in Zahedan, southeast of Iran
Hadi Mirahmadi, Nasrin Rezaee, Ahmad Mehravaran, Peyman Heydarian and Saber Raeghi
Veterinary World, 11(5): 700-705

Research (Published online: 27-05-2018)
20. The study of effect of didecyl dimethyl ammonium bromide on bacterial and viral decontamination for biosecurity in the animal farm
Tippawan Jantafong, Sakchai Ruenphet, Darsaniya Punyadarsaniya and Kazuaki Takehara
Veterinary World, 11(5): 706-711

Research (Published online: 28-05-2018)
21. Effect of increasing levels of wasted date palm in concentrate diet on reproductive performance of Ouled Djellal breeding rams during flushing period
A. Allaoui, B. Safsaf, M. Tlidjane, I. Djaalab and H. Djaalab Mansour
Veterinary World, 11(5): 712-719

Research (Published online: 29-05-2018)
22. The improvement of eggs quality of Mojosari duck (Anas javanica) with soybean husk fermentation using cellulolytic bacteria of Spodoptera litura
Sri Hidanah, Dady Soegianto Nazar and Erma Safitri
Veterinary World, 11(5): 720-725

Research (Published online: 30-05-2018)
23. Probiotic white cheese production using coculture with Lactobacillus species isolated from traditional cheeses
A. Ehsani, M. Hashemi, A. Afshari and M. Aminzare
Veterinary World, 11(5): 726-730