November 2018, Vol.11 No.11
Research (Published online: 02-11-2018)
1. The profiling of pre- and post-warming DNA in mouse embryos with microsatellite method
Widjiati Widjiati, Soeharsono Soeharsono and Yeni Dhamayanti
Veterinary World, 11(11): 1526-1531

Research (Published online: 03-11-2018)
2. Impact of the flour of Jerusalem artichoke on the production of methane and carbon dioxide and growth performance in calves
Sintija Jonova, Aija Ilgaza, Inga Grinfelde and Maksims Zolovs
Veterinary World, 11(11): 1532-1538

Research (Published online: 06-11-2018)
3. Yields, chemical composition, and antimicrobial activity of two Algerian essential oils against 40 avian multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli strains
Narimene Mansouri, Leila Aoun, Nabila Dalichaouche and Douniazed Hadri
Veterinary World, 11(11): 1539-1550

Review (Published online: 07-11-2018)
4. The role of E3 ubiquitin ligase seven in absentia homolog in the innate immune system: An overview
Ferbian Milas Siswanto, I. Made Jawi and Bambang Hadi Kartiko
Veterinary World, 11(11): 1551-1557

Research (Published online: 09-11-2018)
5. Risk factors of a viral nervous necrosis disease in grouper (Epinephelus spp.) cultured in Bintan district, Indonesia
Eka Juniar, Kurniasih Kurniasih and Bambang Sumiarto
Veterinary World, 11(11): 1558-1563

Research (Published online: 09-11-2018)
6. Epizootiological observations on canine microfilaremia in Gujarat state, India
J. R. Patel, S. Devi, J. P. Varshney and K. M. Jadhav
Veterinary World, 11(11): 1564-1568

Research (Published online: 12-11-2018)
7. Prevalence of coccidian infection in rabbit farms in North Algeria
Samia Maziz-Bettahar, Miriem Aissi, Hacina Ainbaziz, Mohamed Sadek Bachene, Safia Zenia and Fairouz Ghisani
Veterinary World, 11(11): 1569-1573

Research (Published online: 13-11-2018)
8. Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis mastitis in Egyptian dairy goats
A. M. Nabih, Hany A. Hussein, Safaa A. El-Wakeel, Khaled A. Abd El-Razik and A. M. Gomaa
Veterinary World, 11(11): 1574-1580