July 2018, Vol.11 No.7
Research (Published online: 02-07-2018)
1. Characterization of the onset of puberty in Tazegzawt lambs, an endangered Algerian sheep: Body weight, thoracic perimeter, testicular growth, and seminal parameters
Farid Moulla, Rachid El-Bouyahiaoui, Rebouh Nazih, Norezzine Abdelaziz, Nacera Zerrouki and Mokrane Iguer-Ouada
Veterinary World, 11(7): 889-894

Research (Published online: 05-07-2018)
2. Production and characterization of Newcastle disease antibody as a reagent to develop a rapid immunodiagnostic test tool
Dwi Desmiyeni Putri, Ekowati Handharyani, Retno Damajanti Soejoedono, Agus Setiyono and Okti Nadia Poetri
Veterinary World, 11(7): 895-901

Research (Published online: 07-07-2018)
3. Antimicrobial residue occurrence and its public health risk of beef meat in Debre Tabor and Bahir Dar, Northwest Ethiopia
Birhan Agmas and Mulugojjam Adugna
Veterinary World, 11(7): 902-908

Research (Published online: 08-07-2018)
4. Effects of various surgical procedures on biochemical parameters of Nigerian dogs and their clinical implications
Aboh Iku Kisani, Terzungwe Tughgba and Abdullahi Teleh Elsa
Veterinary World, 11(7): 909-914

Research (Published online: 10-07-2018)
5. Molecular detection and immunopathological examination of Deltapapillomavirus 4 in skin and udder of Egyptian cattle
Emad Beshir Ata, Mohamed Abd El-Fatah Mahmoud and A. A. Madboli
Veterinary World, 11(7): 915-920

Research (Published online: 14-07-2018)
6. Morphology and morphometry of Haemonchus contortus exposed to Gigantochloa apus crude aqueous extract
Budi Purwo Widiarso, Kurniasih Kurniasih, Joko Prastowo and Wisnu Nurcahyo
Veterinary World, 11(7): 921-925

Research (Published online: 14-07-2018)
7. Seroprevalence of Neospora caninum in local Bali dog
I Made Dwinata, Ida Bagus Made Oka, Kadek Karang Agustina and I Made Damriyasa
Veterinary World, 11(7): 926-929

Research (Published online: 15-07-2018)
8. Molecular characterization of full fusion protein (F) of Newcastle disease virus genotype VIId isolated from Egypt during 2012-2016
Karim M. Selim, Abdullah Selim, Abdelsatar Arafa, Hussein A. Hussein and Ahmed A. Elsanousi
Veterinary World, 11(7): 930-938

Research (Published online: 15-07-2018)
9. Angiogenesis activity of Jatropha curcas L. latex in cream formulation on wound healing in mice
Ummu Balqis, Darmawi, Cut Dahlia Iskandar and Muhammad Nur Salim
Veterinary World, 11(7): 939-943

Research (Published online: 16-07-2018)
10. Effectiveness of platelet-rich fibrin matrix treated with silver nanoparticles in fracture healing in rabbit model
Serwa Ibrahim Salih, Nadia H. Al-Falahi, Ali H. Saliem and Ahmed N. Abedsalih
Veterinary World, 11(7): 944-952

Research (Published online: 16-07-2018)
11. Efficacy of acetamiprid and fipronil fly baits against the housefly (Musca domestica L.) under laboratory conditions
Mikhail Alekseevich Levchenko, Elena Anatol'evna Silivanova, Ruzilya Khusanovna Bikinyaeva and Galina Fedorovna Balabanova
Veterinary World, 11(7): 953-958

Research (Published online: 18-07-2018)
12. Effect of dietary supplementation of cinnamon oil and sodium butyrate on carcass characteristics and meat quality of broiler chicken
Govindarajan Gomathi, Subramaniam Senthilkumar, Amirthalingam Natarajan, Ramasamy Amutha and Manika Ragavan Purushothaman
Veterinary World, 11(7): 959-964

Research (Published online: 19-07-2018)
13. Hypoxic preconditioning effect on stromal cells derived factor-1 and C-X-C chemokine receptor type 4 expression in Wistar rat's (Rattus norvegicus) bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (in vitro study)
Sri Wigati Mardi Mulyani, Diah Savitri Ernawati, Eha Renwi Astuti and Fedik Abdul Rantam
Veterinary World, 11(7): 965-970

Research (Published online: 21-07-2018)
14. Concurrent occurrence of acute bovine pulmonary edema and emphysema and endocardial fibroelastosis in cattle: A case history and literature review
W. M. Hananeh and Z. B. Ismail
Veterinary World, 11(7): 971-976

Research (Published online: 24-07-2018)
15. Enhanced pathogenicity of low-pathogenic H9N2 avian influenza virus after vaccination with infectious bronchitis live attenuated vaccine
Zainab Mohamed Ismail, Ayman Hanea EL-Deeb, Mounir Mohamed EL-Safty and Hussein Aly Hussein
Veterinary World, 11(7): 977-985

Research (Published online: 24-07-2018)
16. An investigation on the predominant diseases, its diagnosis, and commonly used drugs in the poultry farms in the North-Eastern regions of Algeria
Amine Berghiche, Tarek Khenenou, Ahmed Kouzi and Ibtissem Labiad
Veterinary World, 11(7): 986-989

Research (Published online: 27-07-2018)
17. Modifications and optimization of manual methods for polymerase chain reaction and 16S rRNA gene sequencing quality community DNA extraction from goat rumen digesta
Durgadevi Aphale and Aarohi Kulkarni
Veterinary World, 11(7): 990-1000

Research (Published online: 27-07-2018)
18. Aflatoxicosis in African greater cane rats (Thryonomys swinderianus)
Henry O. Jegede, Ahmed O. Akeem, Oluwafemi B. Daodu and Afolabi A. Adegboye
Veterinary World, 11(7): 1001-1005

Research (Published online: 29-07-2018)
19. Use of molecular biology tools for rapid identification and characterization of Pasteurella spp.
Ashraf M. Abbas, Dalia A. M. Abd El-Moaty, Eman S. A. Zaki, Elham F. El-Sergany, Nadine A. El-Sebay, Hala A. Fadl, and A. A. Samy
Veterinary World, 11(7): 1006-1014

Research (Published online: 30-07-2018)
20. The effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae supplementation on intake, nutrient digestibility, and rumen fluid pH in Awassi female lambs
Belal S. Obeidat, Kamel Z. Mahmoud, Mohammad D. Obeidat, Mysaa Ata, Rami T. Kridli, Serhan G. Haddad, Hosam H. Titi, Khaleel I. Jawasreh, Hosam J. Altamimi, Hadil S. Subih, Safaa M. Hatamleh, Majdi A. Abu Ishmais and Ruba Abu Affan
Veterinary World, 11(7): 1015-1020

Research (Published online: 31-07-2018)
21. Blood biochemical profiles of Brahman crossbred cattle supplemented with different protein and energy sources
Nguyen Hong Xuan, Huynh Tan Loc and Nguyen Trong Ngu
Veterinary World, 11(7): 1021-1024