January 2019, Vol.12 No.1
Research (Published online: 02-01-2019)
1. Stability and virucidal efficacies using powder and liquid forms of fresh charcoal ash and slaked lime against Newcastle disease virus and Avian influenza virus
Sakchai Ruenphet, Darsaniya Punyadarsaniya, Tippawan Jantafong and Kazuaki Takehara
Veterinary World, 12(1): 1-6

Research (Published online: 02-01-2019)
2. Evaluation of the heavy metals (mercury, lead, and cadmium) contamination of sardine (Sardina pilchardus) and swordfish (Xiphias gladius) fished in three Algerian coasts
Fetta Mehouel, Leila Bouayad, Abdel Hamid Hammoudi, Ouarda Ayadi and Fifi Regad
Veterinary World, 12(1): 7-11

Review (Published online: 05-01-2019)
3. The antioxidant components of milk and their role in processing, ripening, and storage: Functional food
Imran Taj Khan, Mohammed Bule, Rahman Ullah, Muhammad Nadeem, Shafaq Asif and Kamal Niaz
Veterinary World, 12(1): 12-33

Research (Published online: 07-01-2019)
4. Effects of four extenders on the quality of frozen semen in Arabian stallions
Mohaammed Saad Alamaary, Abd Wahid Haron, Mohamed Ali, Mark Wen Han Hiew, Lawan Adamu and Innocent Damudu Peter
Veterinary World, 12(1): 34-40

Research (Published online: 07-01-2019)
5. Infection kinetics and antibody responses in Deccani sheep during experimental infection and superinfection with bluetongue virus serotypes 4 and 16
Kalyani Putty, Abdul Muzeer Shaik, Shaik Jahangeer Peera, Y. Narasimha Reddy, P. P. Rao, Sunil R. Patil, M. Shreekanth Reddy, B. Susmitha, J. Shiva Jyothi
Veterinary World, 12(1): 41-47

Research (Published online: 08-01-2019)
6. Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in cattle and sheep in three municipalities in the Colombian Northeastern Mountain
Juan Carlos Pinilla Leon, Nelson Uribe Delgado and Angel Alberto Florez
Veterinary World, 12(1): 48-54

Research (Published online: 08-01-2019)
7. Growth performances, carcass traits, meat quality, and blood metabolic parameters in rabbits of local Algerian population and synthetic line
Rafik Belabbas, Maria de la Luz Garcia, Hacina Ainbaziz, Nadia Benali, Ali Berbar, Zoubeida Boumahdi and Maria Jose Argente
Veterinary World, 12(1): 55-62

Research (Published online: 10-01-2019)
8. Tadpole serum activity (Rana catesbeiana) in caspase-3 as a marker of the role of apoptosis and total cytotoxic T lymphocytes in albino rats' epithelial cells induced by neoplasia
M. T. E. Purnama, I. H. Rahmaningtyas, A. R. Pratama, Z. Prastika, A. M. Kartikasari and N. P. D. Cahyo
Veterinary World, 12(1): 63-67

Research (Published online: 10-01-2019)
9. Detection of coagulase gene in Staphylococcus aureus from several dairy farms in East Java, Indonesia, by polymerase chain reaction
Mustofa Helmi Effendi, Mirza Atikah Madarina Hisyam, Poedji Hastutiek and Wiwiek Tyasningsih
Veterinary World, 12(1): 68-71

Research (Published online: 15-01-2019)
10. The effect of dietary protein levels on body weight gain, carcass production, nitrogen emission, and efficiency of productions related to emissions in thin-tailed lambs
Ari Prima, Endang Purbowati, Edy Rianto and Agung Purnomoadi
Veterinary World, 12(1): 72-78

Research (Published online: 16-01-2019)
11. Phylogenetic characterization of Salmonella enterica from pig production and humans in Thailand and Laos border provinces
Rangsiya Prathan, Asinamai Athliamai Bitrus, Nuananong Sinwat, Sunpetch Angkititrakul and Rungtip Chuanchuen
Veterinary World, 12(1): 79-84

Reviewer Acknowledgment (Published online: 16-01-2019)
12. Veterinary World reviewer acknowledgment 2018
A. V. Sherasiya and Nazir
Veterinary World, 12(1): 85-89

Research (Published online: 17-01-2019)
13. Antibacterial activity and sensory properties of Heracleum persicum essential oil, nisin, and Lactobacillus acidophilus against Listeria monocytogenes in cheese
A. Ehsani, A. Rezaeiyan, M. Hashemi, M. Aminzare, B. Jannat and A. Afshari
Veterinary World, 12(1): 90-96

Research (Published online: 21-01-2019)
14. Combined H5ND inactivated vaccine protects chickens against challenge by different clades of highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses subtype H5 and virulent Newcastle disease virus
Ahmed Ali, Marwa Safwat, Walid H. Kilany, Abdou Nagy, Awad A. Shehata, Mohamed A. Zain El-Abideen, Al-Hussien M. Dahshan and Abdel-Satar A. Arafa
Veterinary World, 12(1): 97-105

Research (Published online: 21-01-2019)
15. Hematologic changes and splenic index on malaria mice models given Syzygium cumini extract as an adjuvant therapy
Lilik Maslachah, Rahmi Sugihartuti and Retno Sri Wahyuni
Veterinary World, 12(1): 106-111

Research (Published online: 21-01-2019)
16. Awareness and antibody detection of Newcastle disease virus in a neglected society in Nigeria
Oluwafemi Babatunde Daodu, Julius Olaniyi Aiyedun, Rafiu Adebisi Kadir, Hauwa Motunrayo Ambali, Oladapo Oyedeji Oludairo, Isaac Dayo Olorunshola, Oluwakemi Christiana Daodu and Saka Saheed Baba
Veterinary World, 12(1): 112-118

Research (Published online: 22-01-2019)
17. Bacterial isolation from internal organs of rats (Rattus rattus) captured in Baghdad city of Iraq
Nagham Mohammed Ayyal, Zainab Abdulzahra Abbas, Abdulkarim Jafar Karim, Zainab Majid Abbas, Karima Akool Al-Salihi, Jenan Mahmood Khalaf, Dunya Dhafir Mahmood, Eman Abdullah Mohammed, Rawaa Saladdin Jumaa and Dhuha Ismaeel Abdul-Majeed
Veterinary World, 12(1): 119-125

Research (Published online: 23-01-2019)
18. Serological profiling of rabies antibodies by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and its comparative analysis with rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test in mouse model
Ashis Debnath, Dinesh C. Pathak, Narayan Ramamurthy, Gulam Mohd, A. B. Pandey, Vikramaditya Upmanyu, A. K. Tiwari, R. Saravanan, Madhan Mohan Chellappa and Sohini Dey
Veterinary World, 12(1): 126-130

Research (Published online: 23-01-2019)
19. Molecular evidence of Ehrlichia canis and Anaplasma platys and the association of infections with hematological responses in naturally infected dogs in Kalasin, Thailand
Supawadee Piratae, Priyakorn Senawong, Pornchalerm Chalermchat, Warissara Harnarsa and Benjawan Sae-chue
Veterinary World, 12(1): 131-135

Research (Published online: 25-01-2019)
20. Features of formation of Yersinia enterocolitica biofilms
E. Lenchenko, D. Lozovoy, A. Strizhakov, Yu Vatnikov, V. Byakhova, Eu Kulikov, N. Sturov, V. Kuznetsov, V. Avdotin and V. Grishin
Veterinary World, 12(1): 136-140

Research (Published online: 25-01-2019)
21. The occurrence of disinfectant and antibiotic-resistant genes in Escherichia coli isolated from chickens in Egypt
Waleed A. Ibrahim, Sherif A. Marouf, Ahmed M. Erfan, Soad A. Nasef and Jakeen K. El Jakee
Veterinary World, 12(1): 141-145

Research (Published online: 26-01-2019)
22. Random amplified polymorphic DNA-based molecular heterogeneity analysis of Salmonella enterica isolates from foods of animal origin
Surendra Singh Shekhawat, Abhishek Gaurav, Bincy Joseph, Hitesh Kumar and Nirmal Kumar
Veterinary World, 12(1): 146-154

Research (Published online: 28-01-2019)
23. Combined impacts of oregano extract and vacuum packaging on the quality changes of frigate tuna muscles stored at 3±1°C
Talal Lahreche, Yilmaz Ucar, Ali Riza Kosker, Taha-Mossadak Hamdi and Fatih Ozogul
Veterinary World, 12(1): 155-164

Research (Published online: 29-01-2019)
24. Contamination of Streptococcus suis in pork and edible pig organs in central Thailand
Nuchjaree Boonyong, Sarawan Kaewmongkol, Duangdaow Khunbutsri, Khomsan Satchasataporn and Nattakan Meekhanon
Veterinary World, 12(1): 165-169

Research (Published online: 29-01-2019)
25. Detection of invA gene of Salmonella from milkfish (Chanos chanos) at Sidoarjo wet fish market, Indonesia, using polymerase chain reaction technique
Sheila Marty Yanestria, Reina Puspita Rahmaniar, Freshinta Jellia Wibisono and Mustofa Helmi Effendi
Veterinary World, 12(1): 170-175

Research (Published online: 31-01-2019)
26. Self-reported selected zoonotic diseases among animal handlers in Urban Ahmedabad, India
Krupali Patel and Deepak Saxena
Veterinary World, 12(1): 176-182

Research (Published online: 31-01-2019)
27. First report and molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium spp. in humans and animals in Khartoum state, Sudan
Kaltoum Yagoub Adam, A. A. Ismail, M. A. Masri and A. A. Gameel
Veterinary World, 12(1): 183-189