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January 2017, Vol.10 No.1

Research (Published online: 04-01-2017)

1. Identification of suitable housing system for dairy cattle in North East Zone of Tamil Nadu, India, with respect to microclimate -

T. Sivakumar, P. T. Suraj, A. Yasotha and Jayashree Phukon

Veterinary World, 10(1): 1-5

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Research (Published online: 05-01-2017)

2. Molecular characterization of Rhodococcus equi isolates in equines - Rabyia Javed, A. K. Taku, R. K. Sharma and Gulzaar Ahmed Badroo

Veterinary World, 10(1): 6-10

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Research (Published online: 08-01-2017)

3. Effects of different vegetable oils on rumen fermentation and conjugated linoleic acid concentration in vitro - Amitava Roy, Guru Prasad Mandal and Amlan Kumar Patra

Veterinary World, 10(1): 11-16

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Research (Published online: 09-01-2017)

4. Study of the dairy characters of lactating Murrah buffaloes on the basis of body parts measurements - Sandeep Dhillod, Dipankar Kar, C. S. Patil, Subhasish Sahu and Narender Singh

Veterinary World, 10(1): 17-21

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Research (Published online: 10-01-2017)

5. M-mode echocardiographic reference values in Pantja goats - Parul Singh, Narendra Singh Jadon, Deepti Bodh and Manjul Kandpal

Veterinary World, 10(1): 22-28

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Research (Published online: 11-01-2017)

6. Prevalence of colibacillosis in chickens in greater Mymensingh district of Bangladesh - Md. Abdul Matin, Md. Ariful Islam and Mst. Minara Khatun

Veterinary World, 10(1): 29-33

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Research (Published online: 12-01-2017)

7. Incidence and virulence characteristics of Aeromonas spp. in fish - Ashraf M. Abd-El-Malek

Veterinary World, 10(1): 34-37

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Research (Published online: 13-01-2017)

8. Transcriptomic comparison of primary bovine horn core carcinoma culture and parental tissue at early stage - Sharadindu Shil, R. S. Joshi, C. G. Joshi, A. K. Patel, Ravi K. Shah, Namrata Patel, Subhash J. Jakhesara, Sumana Kundu, Bhaskar Reddy, P. G. Koringa and D. N. Rank

Veterinary World, 10(1): 38-55

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Reviewer Acknowledgment (Published online: 17-01-2017)

9. Veterinary World reviewer acknowledgment 2016 - A. V. Sherasiya and Nazir

Veterinary World, 10(1): 56-60

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Research (Published online: 17-01-2017)

10. Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasitism in small ruminants in western zone of Punjab, India - E. Singh, P. Kaur, L. D. Singla and M. S. Bal

Veterinary World, 10(1): 61-66

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Research (Published online: 18-01-2017)

11. Influence of training and competitive sessions on peripheral β-endorphin levels in training show jumping horses - Cristina Cravana, P. Medica, G. Ragonese and E. Fazio

Veterinary World, 10(1): 67-73

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Research (Published online: 19-01-2017)

12. Protective effect of rutin in comparison to silymarin against induced hepatotoxicity in rats - M. Kasi Reddy, A. Gopala Reddy, B. Kala Kumar, D. Madhuri, G. Boobalan and M. Anudeep Reddy

Veterinary World, 10(1): 74-80

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Research (Published online: 19-01-2017)

13. Gastrointestinal parasitism of goats in hilly region of Meghalaya, India - Meena Das, R. Laha, A. Goswami and A. Sen

Veterinary World, 10(1): 81-85

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Review (Published online: 23-01-2017)

14. Social engineering of societal knowledge in livestock science: Can we be more empathetic? - R. K. Ravikumar, Devesh Thakur, Hardev Choudhary, Vivek Kumar, Amol S. Kinhekar, Tushar Garg, K. Ponnusamy, G. R. Bhojne, Vasanth M. Shetty and Vipin Kumar

Veterinary World, 10(1): 86-91

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Research (Published online: 23-01-2017)

15. Preparation of goat and rabbit anti-camel immunoglobulin G whole molecule labeled with horseradish peroxidase - Eman Hussein Abdel-Rahman, Jakeen Kamal El-Jakee, Mahmoud Essam Hatem, Nagwa Sayed Ata and Ehab Ali Fouad

Veterinary World, 10(1): 92-100

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Research (Published online: 24-01-2017)

16. Molecular identification and histopathological study of natural Streptococcus agalactiae infection in hybrid tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) - A. A. Laith, Mohd Azmi Ambak, Marina Hassan, Shahreza Md. Sheriff, Musa Nadirah, Ahmad Shuhaimi Draman, Wahidah Wahab, Wan Nurhafizah Wan Ibrahim, Alia Syafiqah Aznan, Amina Jabar and Musa Najiah

Veterinary World, 10(1): 101-111

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Review (Published online: 25-01-2017)

17. Molecular markers for resistance against infectious diseases of economic importance - B. M. Prajapati, J. P. Gupta, D. P. Pandey, G. A. Parmar and J. D. Chaudhari

Veterinary World, 10(1): 112-120

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Research (Published online: 27-01-2017)

18. Nutrigenomic evaluation of garlic (Allium sativum) and holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) leaf powder supplementation on growth performance and immune characteristics in broilers - N. Sheoran, R. Kumar, A. Kumar, K. Batra, S. Sihag, S. Maan and N. S. Maan

Veterinary World, 10(1): 121-129

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Research (Published online: 29-01-2017)

19. Medico-legal aspects of congenital heart diseases in buying and selling of pets - Annamaria Passantino, Michela Pugliese, Valeria Quartarone, Natalia Russo, Roberto Bussadori and Bartolomeo Guercio

Veterinary World, 10(1): 130-135

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Research (Published online: 30-01-2017)

20. Associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms in multiple candidate genes and body weight in rabbits - Karim El-Sabrout and Sarah A. Aggag

Veterinary World, 10(1): 136-139

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