November 2017, Vol.10 No.11
Research (Published online: 01-11-2017)
1. Genotyping of virulent Escherichia coli obtained from poultry and poultry farm workers using enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus-polymerase chain reaction
M. Soma Sekhar, N. Mohammad Sharif, T. Srinivasa Rao and M. Metta
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1292-1296

Research (Published online: 02-11-2017)
2. Preliminary study of Malaysian fruit bats species diversity in Lenggong Livestock Breeding Center, Perak: Potential risk of spill over infection
Muhammed Mikail, T. A. Tengku Rinalfi Putra, Arshad Siti Suri, Mohd Noor Mohd Hezmee and M. T. Marina
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1297-1300

Research (Published online: 03-11-2017)
3. Nutritional enrichment of broiler breast meat through dietary supplementation of Indian ginseng Withania somnifera and synbiotic substances under semi-arid climatic conditions
Sonal Thakur, Tribhuwan Sharma, Radhe Shyam Arya, Basant Bais and Vijay Kumar Agrawal
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1301-1306

Research (Published online: 08-11-2017)
4. Immunocytochemical study of canine lymphomas and its correlation with exposure to tobacco smoke
K. C. Pinello, M. Santos, L. Leite-Martins, J. Niza-Ribeiro and A. J. de Matos
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1307-1313

Research (Published online: 09-11-2017)
5. Dermatophilus congolensis infection in sheep and goats in Delta region of Tamil Nadu
M. Ananda Chitra, K. Jayalakshmi, P. Ponnusamy, R. Manickam and B. S. M. Ronald
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1314-1318

Research (Published online: 10-11-2017)
6. High prevalence of small Babesia species in canines of Kerala, South India
Kollannur Jose Jain, Bindu Lakshmanan, Karunakaran Syamala, Jose E Praveena and Thazhathuveetil Aravindakshan
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1319-1323

Research (Published online: 11-11-2017)
7. The phylogenetics of Leucocytozoon caulleryi infecting broiler chickens in endemic areas in Indonesia
Endang Suprihati and Wiwik Misaco Yuniarti
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1324-1328

Research (Published online: 12-11-2017)
8. Production of aldosterone in cardiac tissues of healthy dogs and with dilated myocardiopathy
Alejandro Reynoso Palomar, Georgina Mena Aguilar, Marisol Cruz Garcia, Cesar Pastelin Rojas and Abel Villa Mancera
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1329-1332

Research (Published online: 13-11-2017)
9. Immunoglobulin subclass in experimental murine Toxocara cati infection
Kusnoto, Setiawan Koesdarto, Sri Mumpuni and R. Heru Prasetyo
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1333-1336

Research (Published online: 14-11-2017)
10. Effects of hyperbaric therapy on liver morphofunctional of rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) after hind limb ischemia-reperfusion injury
Bambang Sektiari Lukiswanto, Wiwik Misaco Yuniarti and Y. Yosis Motulo
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1337-1342

Research (Published online: 15-11-2017)
11. Determination of serum adenosine deaminase and xanthine oxidase activity in Kangal dogs with maternal cannibalism
N. Ercan, M. Kockaya, S. Kapancik and D. Bakir
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1343-1346

Research (Published online: 16-11-2017)
12. Reducing zoonotic and internal parasite burdens in pigs using a pig confinement system
Kadek Karang Agustina, Ida Bagus Ngurah Swacita, Ida Bagus Made Oka, I Made Dwinata, Rebecca Justin Traub, Colin Cargill and I Made Damriyasa
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1347-1352

Research (Published online: 20-11-2017)
13. The clinical impact of antimicrobial resistance genomics in competition with she-camels recurrent mastitis metabolomics due to heterogeneous Bacillus licheniformis field isolates
Nesreen Allam Tantawy Allam, Doaa Sedky and Enshrah K. Mira
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1353-1360

Review (Published online: 21-11-2017)
14. Advances in genome editing for improved animal breeding: A review
Shakil Ahmad Bhat, Abrar Ahad Malik, Syed Mudasir Ahmad, Riaz Ahmad Shah, Nazir Ahmad Ganai, Syed Shanaz Shafi and Nadeem Shabir
Veterinary World, 10(11): 1361-1366