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August 2016, Vol.9 No.8

Research (Published online: 03-08-2016)

1. Impact of pregnancy and nutrition on oxidant⁄antioxidant balance in sheep and goats reared in South Sinai, Egypt - M. F. Nawito, Amal R. Abd El Hameed, A. S. A. Sosa and Karima Gh. M. Mahmoud

Veterinary World, 9(8): 801-805

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Research (Published online: 04-08-2016)

2. Estimate the contribution of incubation parameters influence egg hatchability using multiple linear regression analysis - Mohamed H. Khalil, Mostafa K. Shebl, Mohamed A. Kosba, Karim El-Sabrout and Nesma Zaki

Veterinary World, 9(8): 806-810

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Research (Published online: 05-08-2016)

3. Risk factors associated with Cryptosporidia, Eimeria, and diarrhea in smallholder dairy farms in Mukurwe-ini Sub-County, Nyeri County, Kenya - S. G. Peter, George K. Gitau, S. Richards, J. A. Vanleeuwen, F. Uehlinger, C. M. Mulei and R. R. Kibet

Veterinary World, 9(8): 811-819

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Research (Published online: 06-08-2016)

4. Strangles in Arabian horses in Egypt: Clinical, epidemiological, hematological, and biochemical aspects - Ahmed N. F. Neamat-Allah and Hend M. El Damaty

Veterinary World, 9(8): 820-826

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Research (Published online: 08-08-2016)

5. Epidemiological and immunopathological studies on Porcine parvovirus infection in Punjab - Amninder Kaur, V. Mahajan, G. D. Leishangthem, N. D. Singh, Payal Bhat, H. S. Banga and G. Filia

Veterinary World, 9(8): 827-831

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Research (Published online: 10-08-2016)

6. Body weight, egg production, and egg quality traits of gray, brown, and white varieties of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) in coastal climatic condition of Odisha - Jessy Bagh, B. Panigrahi, N. Panda, C. R. Pradhan, B. K. Mallik, B. Majhi and S. S. Rout

Veterinary World, 9(8): 832-836

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Review (Published online: 11-08-2016)

7. Rumen-protected choline: A significance effect on dairy cattle nutrition - G. Jayaprakash, M. Sathiyabarathi, M. Arokia Robert and T. Tamilmani

Veterinary World, 9(8): 837-841

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Research (Published online: 13-08-2016)

8. Transabdominal color doppler ultrasonography: A relevant approach for assessment of effects of uterine torsion in buffaloes - Devender, Ramesh Kumar Chandolia, Anand Kumar Pandey, Vishal Yadav, Parveen Kumar and Jasmer Dalal

Veterinary World, 9(8): 842-849

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Research (Published online: 13-08-2016)

9. Toxoplasma infection in sheep from south of Iran monitored by serological and molecular methods; risk assessment to meat consumers - Belal Armand, Kavous Solhjoo, Manoochehr Shabani-Kordshooli, Mohammad Hasan Davami and Mehdi Sadeghi

Veterinary World, 9(8): 850-855

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Research (Published online: 14-08-2016)

10. Pituitary-adrenocortical adjustments to transport stress in horses with previous different handling and transport conditions - E. Fazio, P. Medica, C. Cravana and A. Ferlazzo

Veterinary World, 9(8): 856-861

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Research (Published online: 16-08-2016)

11. Evaluation of complementary diagnostic tools for bovine tuberculosis detection in dairy herds from India - Mukesh Kumar Thakur, Dharmender Kumar Sinha and Bhoj Raj Singh

Veterinary World, 9(8): 862-868

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Research (Published online: 18-08-2016)

12. Studies on clinical signs and biochemical alteration in pregnancy toxemic goats - Prasannkumar R. Vasava, R. G. Jani, H. V. Goswami, S. D. Rathwa and F. B. Tandel

Veterinary World, 9(8): 869-874

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Research (Published online: 19-08-2016)

13. Molecular characterization of virulence genes of Streptococcus equi subsp. equi and Streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus in equines - R. Javed, A. K. Taku, Rakhi Gangil and R. K. Sharma

Veterinary World, 9(8): 875-881

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Research (Published online: 22-08-2016)

14. Low-level laser therapy: Case-control study in dogs with sterile pyogranulomatous pododermatitis - Roberta Perego, D. Proverbio, A. Zuccaro and E. Spada

Veterinary World, 9(8): 882-887

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Research (Published online: 22-08-2016)

15. Prevalence and pathogenesis of some filarial nematodes infecting donkeys in Egypt - A. M. Radwan, N. E. Ahmed, L. M. Elakabawy, M. Y. Ramadan and R. S. Elmadawy

Veterinary World, 9(8): 888-892

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Research (Published online: 23-08-2016)

16. Effect of feeding different dietary levels of energy and protein on growth performance and immune status of Vanaraja chicken in the tropic - Shahla Perween, Kaushalendra Kumar, Chandramoni, Sanjay Kumar, Pankaj Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar and Amitava Dey

Veterinary World, 9(8): 893-899

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Research (Published online: 24-08-2016)

17. Studies on the effectiveness of oral pellet vaccine in improving egg production and egg quality in desi chicken - T. Lurthu Reetha, J. Johnson Rajeswar, T. J. Harikrishnan, K. Sukumar, P. Srinivasan and J. John Kirubakaran

Veterinary World, 9(8): 900-903

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Research (Published online: 26-08-2016)

18. Proteinuria reduction after treatment with miltefosine and allopurinol in dogs naturally infected with leishmaniasis - Daniela Proverbio, Eva Spada, Giada Bagnagatti de Giorgi and Roberta Perego

Veterinary World, 9(8): 904-908

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Research (Published online: 28-08-2016)

19. Hematology and serum biochemistry of Indian spectacled cobra (Naja naja) and Indian rat snake (Ptyas mucosa) - Sanath Krishna Muliya and Mudraje Narayana Bhat

Veterinary World, 9(8): 909-914

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Research (Published online: 29-08-2016)

20. A study on association of virulence determinants of verotoxic Escherichia coli isolated from cattle calves - Singh Parul, Basanti Bist, Barkha Sharma, Udit Jain and Janardan K. Yadav

Veterinary World, 9(8): 915-918

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Research (Published online: 30-08-2016)

21. Genotypic study of verocytotoxic Escherichia coli isolates from deer by multiplex polymerase chain reaction - Raghavendra Prasad Mishra, Udit Jain and Rakesh Kumar Singh

Veterinary World, 9(8): 919-921

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