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September 2016, Vol.9 No.9

Research (Published online: 01-09-2016)

1. Impacts of self- and cross-sucking on cattle health and performance - Motamed Elsayed Mahmoud, Fatma Ali Mahmoud and Adel Elsayed Ahmed

Veterinary World, 9(9): 922-928

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Research (Published online: 02-09-2016)

2. Protective and ameliorative effect of sea buckthorn leaf extract supplementation on lead induced hemato-biochemical alterations in Wistar rats - Rizwana Zargar, Pratiksha Raghuwanshi, Ankur Rastogi, Aditi Lal Koul, Pallavi Khajuria, Aafreen Wahid Ganai and Sumeet Kour

Veterinary World, 9(9): 929-934

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Research (Published online: 03-09-2016)

3. Semi-quantitative digital analysis of polymerase chain reactionelectrophoresis gel: Potential applications in low-income veterinary laboratories - John F. Antiabong, Mafora G. Ngoepe and Adakole S. Abechi

Veterinary World, 9(9): 935-939

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Research (Published online: 07-09-2016)

4. A survey of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) farming in selected areas of Bangladesh - Abu Nasar Md. Aminoor Rahman, Md. Nazmul Hoque, Anup Kumar Talukder and Ziban Chandra Das

Veterinary World, 9(9): 940-947

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Research (Published online: 09-09-2016)

5. Screening of antibiotics and chemical analysis of penicillin residue in fresh milk and traditional dairy products in Oyo state, Nigeria - Isaac Olufemi Olatoye, Oluwayemisi Folashade Daniel and Sunday Ayobami Ishola

Veterinary World, 9(9): 948-954

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Research (Published online: 10-09-2016)

6. The application of One Health concept to an outdoor problem-based learning activity for veterinary students - T. A. Tengku Rinalfi Putra, Mohd Noor Mohd Hezmee, N. B. Farhana, H. A. Hassim, A. R. Intan-Shameha, I. H. Lokman, A. Yusof Hamali, M. S. Salisi, A. A. A. Ghani, M. S. Shahudin, M. A. L. Qayyum, A. Hafandi, R. Speare and S. G. Fenwick

Veterinary World, 9(9): 955-959

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Research (Published online: 11-09-2016)

7. Species determination using the red blood cells morphometry in domestic animals - Nezar Adili, Mohamed Melizi and Hadj Belabbas

Veterinary World, 9(9): 960-963

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Research (Published online: 12-09-2016)

8. First detection of canine parvovirus type 2b from diarrheic dogs in Himachal Pradesh - Shalini Sharma, Prasenjit Dhar, Aneesh Thakur, Vivek Sharma and Mandeep Sharma

Veterinary World, 9(9): 964-969

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Research (Published online: 15-09-2016)

9. Gastrointestinal helminths of Coyotes (Canis latrans) from Southeast Nebraska and Shenandoah area of Iowa - Whitni K. Redman, Jay E. Bryant and Gul Ahmad

Veterinary World, 9(9): 970-975

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Research (Published online: 16-09-2016)

10. Cardiac biomarkers and ultrasonography as tools in prediction and diagnosis of traumatic pericarditis in Egyptian buffaloes - Noura E. Attia

Veterinary World, 9(9): 976-982

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Research (Published online: 17-09-2016)

11. Differential response of immune-related genes to peptidoglycan and lipoteichoic acid challenge in vitro - Sourabh Sulabh, Bharat Bhushan, Manjit Panigrahi, Ankita Verma, Naseer Ahmad Baba and Pushpendra Kumar

Veterinary World, 9(9): 983-988

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Research (Published online: 18-09-2016)

12. Histopathological and immunohistochemical approaches for the diagnosis of Pasteurellosis in swine population of Punjab - Payal Bhat, Nittin Dev Singh, Geeta Devi Leishangthem, Amninder Kaur, Vishal Mahajan, Harmanjit Singh Banga and Rajinder Singh Brar

Veterinary World, 9(9): 989-995

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Research (Published online: 21-09-2016)

13. Occurrence and characteristics of extended-spectrum β-lactamases producing Escherichia coli in foods of animal origin and human clinical samples in Chhattisgarh, India - Bhoomika, Sanjay Shakya, Anil Patyal and Nitin Eknath Gade

Veterinary World, 9(9): 996-1000

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Research (Published online: 23-09-2016)

14. The expression of cyclic adenosine monophosphate responsive element modulator in rat sertoli cells following seminal extract administration - Muslim Akmal, Tongku Nizwan Siregar, Sri Wahyuni, Hamny, Mustafa Kamal Nasution, Wiwik Indriati, Budianto Panjaitan and Dwinna Aliza

Veterinary World, 9(9): 1001-1005

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Research (Published online: 24-09-2016)

15. Enzyme histochemistry of cecal lymphoid tissue during prenatal period of buffalo - Kritima Kapoor and Opinder Singh

Veterinary World, 9(9): 1006-1011

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Research (Published online: 26-09-2016)

16. Genetic evaluation of reproduction performance of Jersey Red Sindhi crossbred cows - S. Vinothraj, A. Subramaniyan, R. Venkataramanan, Cecilia Joseph and S. N. Sivaselvam

Veterinary World, 9(9): 1012-1017

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Research (Published online: 26-09-2016)

17. Socio-demographic study on extent of knowledge, awareness, attitude, and risks of zoonotic diseases among livestock owners in Puducherry region - K. Rajkumar, A. Bhattacharya, S. David, S. Hari Balaji, R. Hariharan, M. Jayakumar and N. Balaji

Veterinary World, 9(9): 1018-1024

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Research (Published online: 28-09-2016)

18. Detection of Peste des petits ruminants virus and goatpox virus from an outbreak in goats with high mortality in Meghalaya state, India - A. Karim, U. Bhattacharjee, K. Puro, I. Shakuntala, R. Sanjukta, S. Das, S. Ghatak and A. Sen

Veterinary World, 9(9): 1025-1027

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Research (Published online: 28-09-2016)

19. Seroprevalence of contagious ecthyma in goats of Assam: An analysis by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay - Mousumi Bora, Durlav Prasad Bora, Nagendra Nath Barman, Biswajyoti Borah and Sutopa Das

Veterinary World, 9(9): 1028-1033

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Research (Published online: 29-09-2016)

20. Molecular characterization of Fasciola hepatica and phylogenetic analysis based on mitochondrial (nicotiamide adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenase subunit I and cytochrome oxidase subunit I) genes from the North-East of Iran - Saber Raeghi, Ali Haghighi, Majid Fasihi Harandi, Adel Spotin, Kourosh Arzamani and Soheila Rouhani

Veterinary World, 9(9): 1034-1038

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Research (Published online: 30-09-2016)

21. Comparative evaluation of polymerase chain reaction assay with microscopy for detection of asymptomatic carrier state of theileriosis in a herd of crossbred cattle - Gaurav Charaya, N. K. Rakha, Sushila Maan, Aman Kumar, Tarun Kumar and Ricky Jhambh

Veterinary World, 9(9): 1039-1042

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