September 2017, Vol.10 No.9
Research (Published online: 01-09-2017)
1. Acute toxicity of commercial atrazine in Piaractus mesopotamicus: Histopathological, ultrastructural, molecular, and genotoxic evaluation
Paula Pereira de Paiva, Mariana Cruz Delcorso, Valquiria Aparecida Matheus, Sonia Claudia do Nascimento de Queiroz, Carla Beatriz Collares-Buzato and Sarah Arana
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1008-1019

Research (Published online: 01-09-2017)
2. Electrocardiographic reference values and configuration of electrocardiogram waves recorded in Black Bengal goats of different age groups
Ranjeeta Rashmee Pradhan, Ambika Prasad Khadanga Mahapatra, Swagat Mohapatra, Tushar Jyotiranjan and Akshaya Kumar Kundu
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1020-1025

Research (Published online: 05-09-2017)
3. Zoo agent's measure in applying the five freedoms principles for animal welfare
Argyo Demartoto, Robertus Bellarminus Soemanto and Siti Zunariyah
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1026-1034

Research (Published online: 06-09-2017)
4. Detection of Toxoplasma gondii in cat's internal organs by immunohistochemistry methods labeled with-[strept] avidin-biotin
Muhammad Hanafiah, Raden Wisnu Nurcahyo, Rika Yuniar Siregar, Joko Prastowo, Sri Hartati, Bambang Sutrisno and Dwinna Aliza
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1035-1039

Research (Published online: 11-09-2017)
5. Detection of food-borne bacteria in ready to eat betel leaf sold at local markets in Mymensingh
Md. Mazedul Haque, Md. Atiqur Rahman Sarker, Rafia Afroze Rifa, Md. Ariful Islam and Mst. Minara Khatun
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1040-1045

Research (Published online: 11-09-2017)
6. Hydrophilic nanosilica as a new larvicidal and molluscicidal agent for controlling of major infectious diseases in Egypt
Marwa M. Attia, Soliman M. Soliman and Mahmoud A. Khalf
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1046-1051

Research (Published online: 12-09-2017)
7. Application of radio frequency based digital thermometer for real-time monitoring of dairy cattle rectal temperature
Tridib Debnath, Santanu Bera, Suman Deb, Prasenjit Pal, Nibash Debbarma and Avijit Haldar
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1052-1056

Review (Published online: 12-09-2017)
8. Mastitis vaccines in dairy cows: Recent developments and recommendations of application
Zuhair Bani Ismail
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1057-1062

Research (Published online: 13-09-2017)
9. Detection of anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in chronic myeloid leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia patients
Mohammad Javad Gharavi, Mona Roozbehani and Zienat Mandeh
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1063-1065

Research (Published online: 13-09-2017)
10. Pathology and immunohistochemistry study of Newcastle disease field case in chicken in Indonesia
Etriwati, Dewi Ratih, Ekowati Handharyani and Surachmi Setiyaningsih
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1066-1071

Review (Published online: 18-09-2017)
11. N-terminal-pro brain natriuretic peptides in dogs and cats: A technical and clinical review
Gabriela Vieira de Lima and Felipp da Silveira Ferreira
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1072-1082

Research (Published online: 19-09-2017)
12. Matrix-assisted laser desorption-ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry as a reliable proteomic method for characterization of Escherichia coli and Salmonella isolates
Waleed S. Shell, Mahmoud Lotfy Sayed, Fatma Mohamed Gad Allah, Fatma Elzahraa Gamal, Afaf Ahmed Khedr, A. A. Samy and Abde Hakam M. Ali
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1083-1093

Research (Published online: 20-09-2017)
13. Immunological and histopathological changes in sheep affected with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and treated immunotherapeutically
Faten A. M. Abo-Aziza, A. A. Zaki, A. El-Shemy, Sahar S. Abd-Elhalem and Amany S. Amer
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1094-1103

Research (Published online: 21-09-2017)
14. Cloning and sequence analysis of hyaluronoglucosaminidase (nagH) gene of Clostridium chauvoei
Saroj K. Dangi, Pavan Kumar Yadav, Aakanksha Tiwari and Viswas Konasagara Nagaleekar
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1104-1107

Research (Published online: 21-09-2017)
15. Cloning and expression of P67 protein of Mycoplasma leachii
Sabarinath Thankappan, Rajneesh Rana, Arun Thachappully Remesh, Valsala Rekha, Viswas Konasagara Nagaleekar and Bhavani Puvvala
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1108-1113

Research (Published online: 23-09-2017)
16. The effect of eggshell thickness on hatchability of quail eggs
Oguz Fatih Ergun and Umut Sami Yamak
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1114-1117

Research (Published online: 24-09-2017)
17. Characterization and zoonotic impact of Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli in some wild bird species
Hanaa Mohamed Fadel, Rabab Afifi and Dheyazan Mohammed Al-Qabili
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1118-1128

Research (Published online: 25-09-2017)
18. Repertoire of noncoding RNAs in corpus luteum of early pregnancy in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
A. Jerome, S. M. K. Thirumaran and S. N. Kala
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1129-1134

Research (Published online: 26-09-2017)
19. Epidemiological features and pathological study of avian leukosis in turkeys' flocks
Mourad Zeghdoudi, Leila Aoun, Latifa Merdaci and Nardjes Bouzidi
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1135-1138

Research (Published online: 27-09-2017)
20. Prevalence of Corynosoma caspicum infection in Gasterosteus aculeatus fish in Caspian Sea, Northern Iran
Bahman Rahimi-Esboei, Mahdi Najm, Morad Shaker, Mahdi Fakhar and Iraj Mobedi
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1139-1142

Research (Published online: 29-09-2017)
21. Congenital arthrogryposis-hydranencephaly syndrome caused by Akabane virus in newborn calves of Basrah Governorate, Iraq
K. M. Alsaad, H. H. N. Alautaish and M. A. Y. Alamery
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1143-1148

Research (Published online: 30-09-2017)
22. Impact of heat stress and hypercapnia on physiological, hematological, and behavioral profile of Tharparkar and Karan Fries heifers
Priyanka Pandey, O. K. Hooda and Sunil Kumar
Veterinary World, 10(9): 1149-1155